Garden House Hotel, Sukhothai (Thailand)

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I didn’t get much sleep last night for some reason. I was up before my 0630 alarm and I walked out of Jolly Frog at 0700. I was lucky enough to find a tuk-tuk and get a ride to the bus station, it was 2km away and I didn’t fancy walking. The bus for Mo Chit left at 0730 with me on board, no problem. I then got a bus to Sukhothai which left at 1100. At one stop a Thai girl got on and we talked a bit during the 8 hour journey. I also finished Red Dragon (Thomas Harris), which now means I have to go and find something else to read.

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Getting to Garden House was fine; so much for the ‘sawngthaew Mafia’! My room is good: double bed, fan, electricity, en-suite, tiled floor, flushing toilet and hot shower. This is a bargain at 150THB.