Garden House Hotel, Sukhothai (Thailand)

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This morning I had a superb lie in, nice and lazy. I had my usual breakfast of toast, jam, butter and coffee, which was good. Today I had decided to go to Sukhothai Historical Park: it was 30 minutes on a bus which was really slow and stopped all the time. It only had to go 14kms!

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Walking around the ruins was pleasant enough, they all seemed to be made of brick, which isn’t very impressive if you consider the fact that they were built in the 13th Century. The place is roughly a square mile and only took me a couple of hours to walk around and see everything, including the museum. I took loads of photos, but once you’ve seen one set of ruins you’ve seen them all so they’re probably not very good. The daily downpour happened on the way back when I was in the bus, which was convenient.

I have 2 more nights paid for, tomorrow I’ll go to Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historical Park and the day after I’ll get the 6 hour bus ride to Chang Mai, direct.