Jaliya Guest House, Luang Prabang (Laos)

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I hired a tuk-tuk to take me to Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls. It was about a 30km journey through smooth winding roads passing by paddy fields and small villages. When I got there I was the only falang in the park. There was also an ‘Asiatic Black Bear’ Sanctuary and a Tiger enclosure. I couldn’t see the Tiger but there were plenty of bears to see.

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The waterfalls themselves were absolutely amazing, probably the best I’ve seen so far. They were really tall with plenty of water gushing over them. I was glad it was monsoon season and that I’d remembered to bring my mini tripod as I took loads of long exposure shots. As my driver was waiting for me I didn’t go swimming, but I did walk through the jungle to find some more falls, but to no avail. The water was a real milky blue and the jungle appeared set-back from the water’s edge. I’d really recommend going here in monsoon - an amazing set of falls.