Van Xuan Guest House, Hue (Vietnam)

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I’m back in my room listening to Museum out of my phone, taking a breather after today’s activities. The boat trip was fun, there were 16 other tourists on the dragon boat. The first stop was perhaps my favourite - and it was free! It was Thien Mu Pagoda which is a nice tower overlooking a bend in the river. It was all Chinese architecture and it appears to be plastered as all the walls were painted a light yellow which gave it a very neat aura. Pine trees were in the grounds and it was nice admiring all the intricate Chinese writings which were etching into marble slabs. The boat also visited 2 tombs which were like mini palace complexes, very pretty and full of features and out houses. At the minute I’m like all the Chinese influences - it’s making all the photography a lot more interesting to do. I think because there are so much more interesting details. I had a go at making my own incense sticks at a village at one site, I wasn’t particularly good, I think by the amount of incense I was rolling on it’d fumigate and kill anyone in the same room.

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