Camellia Hotel 5, Hanoi (Vietnam)

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I managed to get some sleep on the train, it didn’t help with everyone else in the cabin going to sleep at 2000 and waking up at 0400 - it must be the norm for Vietnamese. After a farce in getting to my hotel (involving being taken to a different hotel after being told that mine was more expensive than what it actually was) I was delighted to find clean white sheets, air conditioning, hot water and ESPN. It’s actually turning out to be quite difficult to find ‘shoestring’ accommodation in Vietnam, which might be a problem as it’s going to be expensive. There just aren’t any budget options, at least not on the scale of Laos. There is free internet in the foyer and I was amazed to be able to access my site again, it must’ve just been a Hue thing, I suppose I’ll never know …

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