Overnight Train (Vietnam)

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Well, today I’ve kind of taken one for the team as I’ve had to buy a hard sleeper ticket to Danang. After breakfast I walked to the train station and found out that of the 2 trains leaving for Danang tonight, one doesn’t have any soft beds and the other one’s are all full! So, I had to buy a (thankfully cheaper) ticket to Danang with a hard bed - I’m expected a plank of wood as that’s what a hard seat is like. I chose the train that got there the quickest so that I’ll have less time on the train, consequently I’m leaving Hanoi at 2300. This will give me plenty of time to eat well and buy supplies for the journey, perhaps even a drink in my favourite café …

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Stopping off in Hanoi has been triply good as not only did I have jazz last night but I have managed to squeeze in a performance of water puppetry today which I was unable to do last time as it was full.

Well, I managed to have my lunch and dinner in my favourite café along with 4 Earl Greys in total, it was good. I’ve also managed to get tons of supplies (inc. a small bag of Kettle crinkle-cut Salt and Pepper crisps, Who’s the Daddy?) so even if my bunk is like a coffin at least I can eat to occupy the time. If I’m hungry after all this then I must have worms!

The hard bed isn’t as bad as I was thinking at all, it has some padding and is very sleepable. It’s also a good job I’ve been caving before as if I lay on my back I can get my elbows to touch the ceiling - cosy!