Ha Huong, Nha Trang (Vietnam)

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The Museum of Cham Sculpture took only 20 minutes, the pieces were nice but a stroll around was all that was required. I’ve got some chill out time before the train leaves. I’ve still got some supplies left over from the previous journey, I just want to find some bananas - jackpot, I found some takeaway sandwiches too, bonus!

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I think the train gets in at 2200 so it’s going to be a mad dash for a room and food in Nha Trang. As it’s not overnight I got myself a seat not a bed. I just hope that there is no hassle at the other end because I’ll be tired and no doubt hungry.

I’ve enough food to eat tonight without going out and I’ve got a room in the place I wanted. He was reluctant to give me a cheap room but he gave in in the end. I’ll now watch “The Da Vinci Code” on HBO then crash on the bed, even though it’s late I feel like staying up, I’ll stay here for a while so there’s no rush.