Bao Tran, Mui Ne (Vietnam)

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Well, the beach is huge! It is in a large smooth crescent shape with clean smooth sand. It’s a bit cloudy so there aren’t the nice colour gradients in the sea but I think I’ll go for a swim as soon as I’ve done my teeth and GPSed where I am.

You may also download “world-tour-2007-09-19.geojson” directly or view “world-tour-2007-09-19.geojson” on GitHub Gist (you may need to manually checkout the “main” branch).

Swimming was great, the waves were powerful and the sun was behind clouds so it was not burning. I feel almost rejuvenated after all that. I’ll now grab some lunch and see about a trip to the dunes.

One of the hotel staff took me on a motorbike tour around to see a fishing village and the sand dunes. We were initially going to see white and red ones but it started to rain on our way to the red ones so we went back to the hotel. The white dunes were cool, they looked very surreal just apparently dumped in the middle of nowhere. You get large bits of flexible plastic and slide down a dune on your belly head first. It’s really good fun but wasn’t as fast as you might think. It was really hard work climbing back up to the top again, like the worst loose scree you could imagine. The slope was about 45 degrees. I managed to get a thin layer of sand all over my skin making me look like a sidewinder (the snake not the missile) and a few burns on my knees and elbows bit it’s all good. It was a good laugh. I didn’t get many photos as I didn’t take my DSLR onto the dunes for fear of sand getting in. The only shots I have are from a distance. Doing the red dunes in the rain probably wouldn’t have worked, even if it did I’d just be covered in about an inch of sand so I told the driver to skip it and head back.

Earlier I laid in a hammock and continued reading my book, I think I’ll do that tomorrow morning whilst I wait for the bus to Saigon. It’s nice and relaxing here, I like it, this is exactly what I imagine Phu Quoc to be like, except this is way more developed (I hope).

Things are about to get very busy soon I’ve realised. After leisurely touring around by land for the past 80 odd days I’m going to be running around trying to complete my destinations and sightseeing before my flights leave for the remaining 80 days. Luckily I’ve got 20 days of easy land to cover in the mean time.