Xuan, Saigon (Vietnam)

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After breakfast I got a moto to Cholon. I found out that Cholon is actually Chinatown and I had to walk about 1km to the nearest temple as I was dropped off at a huge market. The temple was good, a nice small red and gold Chinese affair. I couldn’t find the other two as my map wasn’t a decent scale and the moto drivers in the street were distinctly unhelpful. I then got another moto to a bus station and bought a ticket for Cantho tomorrow. This will be the first local bus that I’ve been on since Laos. It leaves at 1000 and I think it is a 5 hour journey so I’ll need to get supplies. For now I’m just going to get some lunch and settle my hotel bill, then supplies and internet call I think, before Midori at 1800.

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