Xuan, Saigon (Vietnam)

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Well, the boats aren’t running today so I decided to chance the plane. My provisional driver’s licence and a colour photocopy of my passport (without visa page) seem to be able to work, which I’m very pleased about. I have a through ticket to Saigon so I’ll be there in plenty of time to sort out a bus to Phnom Penh for whenever. I had remembered to take out my Leatherman from my bag but I forgot about my medical scissors in my First Aid kit and was duly caught. In a massive breach of security I was allowed to go to the secure area of the airport (with unarmed guard), find my already checked in bag and put my scissors in it! Can you imagine that happening at Heathrow? You’d be mowed down just for suggesting it!

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The flight was only 50 minutes and I immediately went into town and booked a seat on the bus to Phnom Penh for 0800 tomorrow, I then went next door and collected my passport (with extended visa) and then I went around the corner and booked myself into the same hotel I’d used last time I was here for the night. Things are good. I’ve had a hot shower and I have 3 movie channels, Western food and internet. Go me! We’ll see how Cambodia is tomorrow.