Hotel Hindustan, Delhi (India)

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I have come to think that the security personnel out here are idiots. At the airport there was a sign showing a car battery with a red line through it. Now, I take this to mean “No big batteries” or, more specifically, “No liquid batteries” (correct lingo is ‘wet-cell’ apparently), which is what you see at places like Heathrow. It even says “No wet cell batteries” in my flight ticket information from Sheffield. Apparently, here it means “No batteries whatsoever”. I only found this out after I checked in for my flight. My bag then got X-rayed twice and searched - she was looking for batteries. She took out my camera and put it aside, not checking to see if it’s battery was inside. She then searched the top pocket of my bag and missed 5 loose batteries and the ones in my GPS and head torch. She then searched the main pocket and missed the 2 spare camera batteries, she missed the PSD and it’s battery. She then missed the 2 spare PSD batteries which are the size and shape of sticks of dynamite. She even picked one up, frowned at it, then put it down, apparently satisfied it wasn’t a battery. I didn’t say anything during this. The only thing I said at all was “Not really” when she said “You have battery?” at the beginning of the comedy. In total she missed 17 batteries. For the record, none of them were wet cell and so they all are allowed on flights. I’m certain their rules were wrong as they can’t expect no one to have their mobile, or iPod or even a laptop in their pocket or hand luggage.

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I enquired about changing my flights in Singapore but apparently I have to leave the secure area of the airport to get to the airline desk, I can’t be arsed to do this so I’ll have to wait until I get to Delhi. As it is I have 5 hours for my flight to Delhi so I’m a bit bored. I have chocolate though.

I’m now in a budget hotel in Delhi. The toilet smells worse than a public toilet but I’m only here for 2 nights so I’ll get over it. It looks like I’m back to slumming it again though. Oh yeah, I arrived at 2330 to find the main road closed due to a festival and cows were roaming the deserted streets - deserted that is, except for the copious amounts of litter fluttering by.