Overnight Train (India)

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I’ve come to like ‘Masala Chai’. This is a good thing as I think it is Nepali so I can have a lot of it in the coming weeks. It’s tea made from boiled milk, not water, and then flavoured with nutmeg. I’ve spent the majority of today drinking it whilst reading to pass the time before my train this evening.

I’m now lying on my bed on the train after some initial confusion as I arrived at the train station before the manifests had been put up so I had no idea which was carriage B2. I’m now on and sorted, I’m just sweating buckets as the fan doesn’t reach the top bunk and the air conditioning isn’t on - I’m basically melting in a tin can here.

I’ve just noticed that the mobile network that my phone is choosing to be a part of is called “Hutch”. You’ll only get that if you’re a recent Hatfielder.

Two things I’ve noticed about long distance journeys: why is there always a crying baby? Why, after becoming acclimatised to the heat, is the air conditioning so cold you can’t sleep because you’re shivering? The locals are the same, piling blankets on top of them to keep warm.