Bhulbhule, 900m (Nepal)

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Last night I also dropped off my book-laden hold-all at the trekking agency for safe keeping and I collected a sleeping bag too. Therefore, I was all set when I woke up at 0600 to start this trek. We got a taxi to the bus station and were early for our bus. It took us almost 1hr and 30mins to get out of Kathmandu as there was a massive traffic jam. They appear to fill buses way more than in Laos and I thought they were taking the Mick then! We arrived in Besi Sahar at around 1530 and then got an even fuller/un-safer bus to Bhulbhule. We crossed the river and stayed there that night. On the 2nd bus I met a guy from London, Max, who is also doing the circuit - but on his own. In my opinion he’d bitten off way more than he could chew by doing this, both in terms of experience and equipment.

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