Jagat, 1500m (Nepal)

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This morning we set off walking at around 0730 and Max accompanied us. We left him behind after about 2 or 3 hours. The Annapurna Circuit is bustling with life. Every 30mins you walk through a village with restaurants and ‘hotels’. All along the path are groups of Westerners doing this trek and locals either carrying outrageously large loads or in charge or a squad of mules who ferry supplies everywhere. It’s not remote yet. The views are fantastic, the hills are steep and prominent. The valley walls are below the tree line for the moment. We’ve walked to a village called Jagat which stands a bit higher than Ben Nevis. Today was hard work as my sleeping bag is heavy (even though it’s down) and there were some pretty steep ups and downs on the way. We arrived in Jagat at around 1545. This morning was doubly hard as, according to a guy’s Suunto watch, it was 32 Degrees Celsius. It was boiling and my face and forearms were drenched with sweat. After lunch it became overcast so it was OK.

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