Tatopani, 1200m (Nepal)

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This morning the weather wasn’t looking too good as it was very cloudy and humid, you could tell it really wanted to have a downpour. We set off walking at the usual time and it wasn’t long before we were walking in the cloud with visibility of around 50m. Most of the walking was done on paths in dense forest, which, when mixed with the cloud and humidity, made you think you were in jungle again (or a cloud forest). There were even some annoyingly loud insects buzzing away. There’s one really close to me now and it’s LOUD. The views have been good today, mostly of steep rapids in the valley bottom and lush forests on either side with the odd striking waterfall plunging down. It looked like concept art for Naboo at some stages (I would provide a link for some but I can’t find any on Google … god knows how I got some on my PC …). It was good today; not too boring. The heat has also picked up too and I was sweating buckets at some stages in the day which hasn’t happened since before Dharapani I think. We arrived at Tatopani at around 1215, once again we made good time. As we arrived at such a decent time I decided to unpack properly and get my towel & soap and go for a wash in the river. The water is all glacial melt and I believe this gorge holds the record for the steepest in the world - hence the rapids. The water was very cold and I think a Bender quote sums it up best: What’s this water made of?! Ice?! It was, however, very good as it’s only my second wash since Kathmandu and I’m now smelling of rose petals no doubt. I also managed to properly dry out my socks which was useful as the sweat doesn’t evaporate very well if it’s cold. Today was also the closest I’ve come to being knocked off the path by a mule. There seemed to be loads of them today which coincided with this narrow section of path which had given way in a few places.

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