Orient Youth Hostel, Pokhara (Nepal)

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Today has been quite tiring as I think I’ve walked around 32km. I set off around 0800 to go to the Gurkha Museum which is on the northern outskirts of town, around 8km away. I was also going to stop off at Bhimsen Temple and Bindhya Basini Temple on the way. Bhimsen Temple is MIA which is perhaps due to the fact that there are no road signs in Pokhara. Bindhya Basini Temple was easier to find as it was on a small hillock above the park. The walking was pleasant as it was cool in the morning air and the terrain was flat. The Gurkha Museum is actually housed on the perimeter of the British Army base there which is still used for recruiting Gurkhas even today. The museum was very good and any Briton finding themselves in Pokhara must go to it - even if you have no interest in them. Quite frankly, they’ve been everywhere and done everything. Reading the commendations for the VCs was particularly hair raising. On a lighter note, seeing them all on BMXs to patrol the hills around Hong Kong was cool too.

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They also sold official British Army issue khukuri knives - much better than the ones in Lakeside or Thamel. It is for this reason why I walked so much today. I didn’t have enough money on me to buy one so I had to walk all the way back to my hotel room and then back to the museum again. By the time I got there the second time the sun was out I was dehydrated. I’m blaming Sam! :) They’d run out of the standard knife so I got the ceremonial one used for Buckingham Palace guard duty. It’s oiled and wrapped in Nepali newspaper. I just have to get it through customs now and I’m also over-budget for the day but at least it’s one less thing to worry about. I just have to buy some prayer flags for me. I settled the hotel bill so I just have to pack my bag and then I’m ready for Kathmandu. I’ve decided to read Harry Potter in Kathmandu as it’ll pass the time and mean I spend little for a day of so.