Overnight Train (India)

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So far things are going well. I got a rickshaw to the border OK and was able to exchange all my Nepali rupees without a hitch. I got a waiting bus to Gorakhpur which was OK as far as local buses go. It dropped me off at the train station and I was hours early.

I’m now lying on my bunk waiting for the train to depart, it’s 1½ hours late but I should have plenty of time to spare for my flight - fingers crossed.

It doesn’t feel like I’m going home, it just feels like I’m moving to the next town. I don’t think things phase me as much as they might’ve before. Just take things one step at a time and, slowly but surely, you’ll get there. I’m looking forward to the meal on the flights though along with the music and the films, although it can be a bit hit and miss with regards to quality sometimes. At least there’s free alcohol.