Continued Web Hosting Costs


This is just a very quick update to my previous blog post on web hosting costs so as to add another year to the comparison. One more UK financial year is added to the plot shown below.

  1. 512 px × 277 px (0.1 Mpx; 25.3 KiB)
  2. 1,024 px × 555 px (0.6 Mpx; 47.6 KiB)
  3. 2,048 px × 1,110 px (2.3 Mpx; 100.8 KiB)
  4. 3,015 px × 1,634 px (4.9 Mpx; 70.6 KiB)

As you can see, the cost of hosting the web site has remained almost constant. I suspect that the slight increase in annual cost is due to a slightly worsening £/$ exchange rate, as I do not remember reading anything about AWS changing their pricing (of course, I could do a per-service cost breakdown in $ if I wanted to dig into this further). For the time being, the costs are entirely acceptable though.