The Cookie Jar

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Recently, The Register put out an opinion piece on how “Big Tech” is manipulating, and reacting to, privacy laws, it is well worth a read in my opinion. Whilst reading it, I was reminded of a GitHub article a couple of years ago where they announced that they were removing all non-essential cookies from their website.

Whilst I note that Microsoft (GitHub’s parent company) has been heavily fined by the EU for violating GDPR a few times, I find it interesting that “Big Tech” as a whole have not followed GitHub’s example and reverted to server-side implementations. In general, cookies are not an essential part of the web (this website does not have a single cookie in it anywhere). I can see how cookies make it easier to keep users logged in to a website as they navigate around it, but really, apart from that, what are you using cookies for? Can the web not be a bit cleverer and do more things server-side?